About Norway

Norwegians are highly educated and tech-savvy, and pride themselves on being early adopters of new technology. Norway ranked third among the European countries with most purchasing power per capita.

For twelve years running Norway has topped the UN's 'most livable country' list. This report is based on three basic indicators of well-being: life expectancy. education and income/standard of living.

Norway is a world leader in fishing and aquaculture, but its largest revenue sources remains the extraction and export of oil and natural gas from the ocean floor. It has the highest retail turnover per m2 of sales area in Europe (6500 euros).


Population 5.2 million
GDP per capita 54.947 €
Net avg. monthly income 3 347 €

Largest cities

City Population
Oslo, Capital 958.378
Bergen 250.420
Stavanger/Sandnes 210.874
Trondheim 175.068
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